NEWS POSITION: HOME > > NEWS In May 2016 the company passed QHSE external examination In May 2016 the company passed QHSE external examination
On May 26, 2016, the company accept the supervision and examination of det norske veritas (DNV) quality system certification center and pass it.
auitor thought Company's overall quality system operation accord with the standard, operational risks are the effective control and continuous improvement.
At the end of the meeting, DNV auitor speak highly of company's quality system management, management regulation , emphasis degree , Putting forward the reforming plan and requirements. Manager wang, the company management representative, expressing thanks for auditing team's work, affirmed the objectivity and impartiality of resultHe stressed that relevant departments should tracking and correcting the audit results, combine their own work to further optimize the work process, in order to promote the company quality system sustained and effective development. He claims each department formulate corrective and preventive measures timely to the issue, Seriously organize the implementation, in order to point with surface, the lines;To conduct self-check activities, to prevent potential nonconformities occur, to ensure the company quality system effective operation.
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